Good Morning

I write about software and try not to spend too much time fucking around with WordPress.

This particular website is very experimental.
It was created to play with the following elements:

  • A list of software I’m trying out right now.
  • A list of my current writing projects.
  • Little Reviews” – for short commentary on stuff I’ve tried when I don’t have enough to say to warrant a full “review.”
  • A landing page (hey) consolidating more relevant information into a different sort of presentation.
  • A deliberately-curated list of stuff on the web that makes me feel good.
  • A live updated widget of my Reading list. (Below)

Digital Academia Whacked End User

I have returned to school! …and commented on The Social Dilemma, bought a desktop, broke Windows, installed WordPress, used a Kindle (ew,) started a Digital Magazine Collection, browsed the web using Microsoft products, and read a wonderful book about the history of word processing. That sound you're hearing at the beginning is one I made exclusively using sounds from Windows 98. End User has made a total of $1.58 to date! Incredible. Reporting From the Digital Classrom of 2020 You've Just Watched 'The Social Dilemma'… Indulging Once More in Digital Excess and Revelations of Network Withdrawals (which is exactly two years old, today.) What The Fuck  (Yes, I've been tinkering with yet another WordPress installation. Sorry.) Digital Gardens Creative Wellness 💔Finally Broke Windows Varmilo VA108M Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing Microsoft Browsing Review If you have any comments/suggestions/feedback/petty insults, please do contact me via Email, Twitter, Mastodon, or Discord. (And hey! Here's my full social directory.) — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Digital Academia Whacked
  2. Dirty Dave's Poweruser Tips
  3. Microsoft Designed Its New Surface Laptop 2 Specifically for Me
  4. Mastodon's Big Moment, 20 Months Later
  5. Siri Shortcuts Are iOS 12's Most Profound Addition
  • Academic Peer-Review With Git
    If you remember “The Facebook Essay” – the big ole’ thing I spent much of the summer working on… I’ve decided to acadmecize it for the sake of The Big Assignment in my Composition II class. As part of my recent exploration of GitHub, GitLab, and Git in general, I found “Should scientific publishing move […]
  • Bahnschrift as System Font
    An alternative system font for Windows that may actually be viable.
  • WordPerfect Brown Executive Theme for Windows 10
    A Windows 10 desktop theme inspired by an aged WordPerfect Executive 1.0 Manual's cover.


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