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Academic Peer-Review With Git

If you remember “The Facebook Essay” – the big ole’ thing I spent much of the summer working on… I’ve decided to acadmecize it for the sake of The Big Assignment in my Composition II class. As part of my recent exploration of GitHub, GitLab, and Git in general, I found “Should scientific publishing move to Github and friends?,” which purposes some fascinating and intriguing ideas regarding the future of academic publishing.1 As far as I understand it now, the collaborative development process on GitHub (revolving mostly around the “Issues” feature, I think) has some exceptional potential in the content of revision and peer-review.

I have set up a repository dedicated to the creation of my essay, which I have repurposed to argue for the technical superiority of open source, decentralized social platforms. (It is also publishing to GitHub Pages, though I’m not sure how relevant that will be going forward.) To be completely honest, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the specifics of how everything works, so please do not emulate me (yet) if you were considering a similar experiment.

Most of my time so far has been spent aggregating references – some of which can be found on the “Working Bibliography” page. I’ve been using Word’s comment feature, which does not lend well to this experiment, I’m afraid.2 If you’re a Word user, here is the share link to my working draft.

Basically, I really love this idea, but I’m struggling to put it into practice, so any feedback or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Stay tuned!

  1. Something I would love to write more about in the future but ya know… My “todo” list is getting seemingly insurmountable again…
  2. I’m sure any integration between MSOffice and Git is an utter pain in the ass, but I’d still appreciate any suggestions you may have in that regard.