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John Godley’s Redirection

Can you believe it? A WordPress plugin so clever, it’s actually worth writing about.

I can’t say I’ve ever been compelled to write about something so seemingly petty as a WordPress plugin, before, but Automatic’s own John Godley once upon a time created a plugin that now represents a large contributor to WordPress’ whole value as a CMS, personally. It’s called Redirection, and it allows the user to point any ole’ directory off their domain to point to any other URL, anywhere on the web. (For instance, will send you directly to my Facebook profile.)

Redirection’s List/Directory page and “new redirection” interface.

Extratone originally ran on WordPress, and over time, I made quite extensive use of redirections – to the point where I felt it was necessary to formally document all of them. Honestly, I’m not sure how many users actually made use of the function, but I thought it a particularly clever, fresh new media feature I wish all of my regularly-read digital media properities would adopt.1

That was all before the plugin had its offered its own complete, internal list of all redirections – when each redirection was created by creating a new page in WordPress and selecting a special “page template.” The functionality added to Redirection just since then – one of the valuable discoveries I’ve made thanks to the creation of this experimental WordPress site – was what justified this very post.

Redirection’s now extensive Options page within WordPress.

For ye who would seek functionality beyond simple redirects, Redirection offers a plethora – much of which I do not fully understand. Here are some of the advanced options just within redirects from its plugin page on

Conditional Redirects
In addition to straightforward URL matching you can redirect based on other conditions:
Login status – redirect only if the user is logged in or logged out
WordPress capability – redirect if the user is able to perform a certain capability
Browser – redirect if the user is using a certain browser
Referrer – redirect if the user visited the link from another page
Cookies – redirect if a particular cookie is set
HTTP headers – redirect based on a HTTP header
Custom filter – redirect based on your own WordPress filter
IP address – redirect if the client IP address matches
Server – redirect another domain if also hosted on this server
Page type – redirect if the current page is a 404

Also included is 404 error tracking, native Apache server compatibility, customizable per-user permissions, import/export, and Search Regex integration. Regarding pricing, Godley has this to say: “Yes, it’s really free. There’s no premium version and no need to pay money to get access to features. This is a dedicated redirect management plugin.”

My take? You’re not making full use of WordPress unless you’re actively using this plugin.

  1. To get super pretentious: I thought it notably reflected Extratone‘s style guide-bound commitment to assuming our readers web savvy, at the very least.