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WordPress → Twitter Thread

Surely, we have arrived upon the final form of the social media brands I have grown up with. Over the summer, WordPress implemented Twitter → WordPress thread unrolling, which I’m sure at least one user on Earth has used unironically/not accidentally, since. Given the outputs it’s produced for me, I’m not quite sure I understand its purpose.

This morning, I was genuinely astonished to see an article on The Verge‘s homepage announcing the vice versaWordPress as Twitter client.

It fucking works.

Given the drastic neutering to which Twitter has subjected its APIs in the past 5-10 years, I have absolutely no idea how or why they were convinced to okay this integration, but I’m sure a few spamming hobbyists out there will at least enjoy a Day of Deluge between their spam WordPress blogs and their spam Twitter accounts. Godspeed, folks.