Tomoko Takahashi’s Word Perhect

Documenting a beautiful “parody” of Word Processing from 1999.

Academia Software

Redefining Word Processing

We are all Word Processors.

Chronicle Meta Software Web

WordPress → Twitter Thread

Surely, we have arrived upon the final form of the social media brands I have grown up with. Over the summer, WordPress implemented Twitter → WordPress thread unrolling, which I’m sure at least one user on Earth has used unironically/not accidentally, since. Given the outputs it’s produced for me, I’m not quite sure I understand […]

Chronicle Software Web

Single Page, All of Unicode

I cannot think of a single greater stress test for modern document processing software and their file standards than what I bring to you today: the entirety of the graphical unicode symbol collection displayed on a single-page PDF file. Sounds fucking dangerous, right? Yeah… I have a real obsession with Unicode, in case you haven’t […]

Little Reviews Web

John Godley’s Redirection

Can you believe it? A WordPress plugin so clever, it’s actually worth writing about.

Chronicle Software

Georgia Font Specimen

I created and printed my very first type specimen for my mother’s birthday.


iOS 14’s Anxious Destiny

Skipping my traditional huge review for this year’s release, but I still have a few things to say.

Hardware Little Reviews

Varmilo VA108M

Yes, I bought a mechanical keyboard. It occurred to me that folks who spend a lot of time doing things that require tools – professionals, artisans, craftsmen, etc. – usually seek out the best possible quality offerings of those tools. Even if they’re just 5% better than the average alternatives and cost twice as much, […]

Chronicle Meta Software

Commemorating Extratone Errors

My first finished InDesign project is a mockup-ish 404 page celebrating Extratone’s old jokes.


Sierra’s Railroadin Birthday

I have traditionally abhored reference to holidays when one reflects on one’s recent activities, but this Labor Day also coincided with my girlfriend’s birthday, and we made a bit of a holiday of it. Our first unprompted drive West toward Kansas City in the middle of the night for a very long time prompted jostled […]