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Academic Peer-Review With Git

If you remember “The Facebook Essay” – the big ole’ thing I spent much of the summer working on… I’ve decided to acadmecize it for the sake of The Big Assignment in my Composition II class. As part of my recent exploration of GitHub, GitLab, and Git in general, I found “Should scientific publishing move […]

Configuration Software

Bahnschrift as System Font

An alternative system font for Windows that may actually be viable.


WordPerfect Brown Executive Theme for Windows 10

A Windows 10 desktop theme inspired by an aged WordPerfect Executive 1.0 Manual’s cover.

Chronicle Fiction

Just Chuck: How to Survive the Big Day

A 24-hour Chuck Tingle read aloud stream is the best possible way to spend The Big Day.


Tomoko Takahashi’s Word Perhect

Documenting a beautiful “parody” of Word Processing from 1999.

Academia Software

Redefining Word Processing

We are all Word Processors.

Chronicle Meta Software Web

WordPress → Twitter Thread

Surely, we have arrived upon the final form of the social media brands I have grown up with. Over the summer, WordPress implemented Twitter → WordPress thread unrolling, which I’m sure at least one user on Earth has used unironically/not accidentally, since. Given the outputs it’s produced for me, I’m not quite sure I understand […]

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Single Page, All of Unicode

I cannot think of a single greater stress test for modern document processing software and their file standards than what I bring to you today: the entirety of the graphical unicode symbol collection displayed on a single-page PDF file. Sounds fucking dangerous, right? Yeah… I have a real obsession with Unicode, in case you haven’t […]

Little Reviews Web

John Godley’s Redirection

Can you believe it? A WordPress plugin so clever, it’s actually worth writing about.

Chronicle Software

Georgia Font Specimen

I created and printed my very first type specimen for my mother’s birthday.